Brazil & the US – never on the same page?

Relations between the two giant democracies of the Americas, Brazil and the US, should be easy, but they never seem to be –  as the recent spat over recognising Nicolas Maduro’s victory in the Venezuelan election demonstrated again. Here’s a piece I’ve done for Yale Gobal on why they don’t see eye to eye despite having so much in common

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Alistair Burnett is Director of News for Sightsavers, the NGO that works around the world to eliminate avoidable blindness and promote equality for people with visual impairments and other disabilities. Before that he spent 26 years with BBC News where he was the Editor of 'The World Tonight' on Radio 4 for ten years and before that Editor of 'Newshour' on BBC World Service. Alistair has a particular interest in international relations and the shifting power relations in the world challenging the traditional US and European dominance of global affairs.