Poor poor me

Just how did this ridiculous competition between right and left to pose as a victim become so tediously commonplace?

Take this pathetic drivel from Iain Martin, the Deputy Editor of the Wall Street Journal Europe, headlined Will the Left Be Generous on Passing of Thatcher?

Rightly it’s heartfelt tributes all round to Michael Foot. He was, as Michael Gove remarked on the Daily Politics, a great British patriot…

But it does make one wonder whether the left will be generous with its tributes to Margaret Thatcher when, as it must eventually, that sad day comes? You only need to ask the question to know the answer.

For a start – ‘passing’ is what you do with wind. People die. And who cares if some people are nasty about Maggie when she dies? She was the Iron Lady, not some porcelain idol. Her record – for good or ill – will speak for itself.