From the Southside to South Sudan: rap war!

The LSE has just published a very worrying report about the potential for violence in South Sudan, which holds a referendum on secession from Khartoum next year. The list of bad guys and their inspirations includes some eye-openers:

Several youth gangs are emerging in Southern Sudan; the ‘Niggaz’ and ‘Outlaws’ are two of the best-known youth gangs in Southern Sudan, with the term ‘Niggaz’ describing both members of a specific
gang as well as generally bad behaviour by groups of young people. Members of the gangs model themselves on US-rap stars such as Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Lil Wayne and 2Pac.

Gang-members have not, however, imitated (i) Jay-Z by marrying Beyonce or (ii) 50 Cent by endorsing a grape-flavored brand of vitamin water (above).  Instead…

They wear baggy trousers, loose t-shirts and sunglasses and are said to be drunk and lascivious at parties they organise in the bush. A large proportion of the members are reportedly women who wear short skirts, tight jeans and have been accused of killing. The older generation decries the activities of the groups (likened by [one] official to ‘Sodom and Gomorrha’) and criticise the dress style. The reverend of the Diocese of Torit laments: ‘The trousers down the buttocks, is it a good dress? They are copying the black Americans who move half naked around the streets killing people.’

So who can stop this lunacy?  Wait… didn’t Jay-Z once hang with Kof-I at the UN?

Time to get him on a plane to Sudan!