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Casper ter Kuile is the Co-Founder of the UK Youth Climate Coalition and a campaign consultant. He has worked for, 38 Degrees and Futerra Sustainability Communications. He writes more about civil society, movement strategy and other delights on his own blog.

Mubarak #Fail

As campaigners start to chase down the billions that Mubarak took with him, many outsiders are trying to figure out how the Egyptian revolution came to be. During the heady three-week protests, cameras naturally focused on large crowds full of anger and hope. But were they missing something?

Creative, humorous protest.

Activists in Tahrir Square released fake press releases to major news outlets, to give them a voice in the rolling coverage. (They didn’t have highly placed Washington lobbyists of course, unlike the regime.) Before the protests started, viral jokes about Mubarak were spreading through social networks and eliminating the problem that Steven Pinker calls ‘individual knowledge vs mutual knowledge‘.

This subversive protest can’t have been too much of a secret though – even CNN had a comment.

h/t Eric Stoner

And for the 80’s fans amongst you – this classic by Chicago get’s a thematic overhaul.