The FT trashes the CDM, endorses per capita convergence

The FT’s leader on Copenhagen this morning was exactly right. First it trashed the CDM (see here for CDM-trashing here on Global Dashboard over the last two years): The CDM inherits the UN’s suffocating bureaucracy, so smaller projects struggle to … Continue reading

Is Brown getting behind Merkel on a convergence-based climate policy?

Interesting to see this little nugget included in the UK  / Indian communique resulting from Gordon Brown’s talks with Manmohan Singh: Long-term convergence of per capita emission rates is an important and equitable principle that should be seriously considered in … Continue reading

Australian Stern Review tilting towards Contraction & Convergence

More interesting post-election goings on in Australia.  Since April, a Stern-esque Review of climate change has been underway, headed by Professor Ross Garnaut, an economics expert from the Australian National University – and former boss, twenty years ago, of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. … Continue reading

A high ambition coalition of the willing on climate change

Could a high ambition coalition of the willing on climate change get going with defining a global carbon budget and taking on their shares to it, while leaving the door open for other governments to join at a later date? Owen Bader, Alice Lepissier, and Alex Evans think so – and have developed a detailed quant model to show how it could work and what the decarbonisation costs and emissions trading revenue flows might be. Continue reading