No apologies: the President of the UN General Assembly rocks with Bon Jovi


Vuk Jeremic, a former foreign minister of Serbia, is coming to the end of a year in the very important job of President of the UN General Assembly.  His tenure has been anything but dull.  He organized a concert which featured a Serbian choir singing a song “associated with massacres carried out in the 1990s against civilians who were under the protection of United Nations peacekeepers.”  He convened a thematic debate on criminal justice that the U.S. claimed was “trying to discredit the war crimes tribunal for the former Yugoslavia.”  And last week… he went to a Bon Jovi concert.

Your eagle-eyed correspondent (me) took to Twitter to congratulate him:

And that would normally be that.  But wait…

Enough politics! Time for some musical banter:

And now we know Vuk’s favorite Bon Jovi tumes:

Who said the General Assembly was boring?!?  Let’s hope that the massed ranks of UN ambassadors will bid Vuk farewell with a rousing rendition of Livin’ on Prayer…