New Global Peace Index

Headlines (from their news release):

Dramatic rise in the number of homicides drives reduction in world peace over the last year

Measures of state-sponsored terror and the likelihood of violent demonstrations are the most improved indicators

5% deterioration in the Global Peace Index recorded over the last six years

Syria’s peace score records the largest fall in GPI history; Libya’s peace bounces back after the civil war but still low

Iceland maintains status as the most peaceful country whilst war-ravaged Afghanistan returns to the bottom of the index

Europe remains the most peaceful region comprising thirteen of the top twenty peaceful countries; South Asia is the least peaceful region

Eastern and Western Europe homicides are dropping, contrary to global trend

In the past year the Drug War in Mexico has claimed twice as many lives than  the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan

Here’s the whole thing. And an interactive map. Interesting to see how the perceptions data varies across countries: e.g. the UK’s score for “perceived criminality in society” is higher than for the US or Greece, and the same as for Egypt, fretful nation that we are.