European Dental Command: DENTCOM 1

Just occasionally, the sheer scale of the U.S. military system catches you by surprise.  Like when you read this:

Col. William Bachand assumed command of the Europe Regional Dental Command in a ceremony Thursday on Nachrichten Kaserne in Heidelberg, Germany.

European Dental Command? A hunt through the internet leads to this story from May:

Six dental technicians were a long way from the comfort an examination room recently as they trudged up and down [ . . . ] unforgiving landscape while participating in the European Dental Command Warrior of the Year competition recently.

And here the prospective warriors are!

Where might their quest lead?

“The winners will go on to compete at DENTCOM for the best warrior of the year. The winner of that will compete for MEDCOM and the winner of that competition goes to Army level, for the best warrior competition,” said Sgt. Tracy Underwood, coordinator of the four-day competition.

OK, you lost me at DENTCOM. Well, at least U.S. forces in Europe have teeth. Most of their NATO allies seem pretty toothless these days…