Is MI6 running a smear operation on Gareth Williams?

If you missed it, Channel 4 News ran an exclusive last night that seems to put Metropolitan Police accounts of the circumstances of Gareth Williams’s death at odds with those emerging in anonymous briefings from Vauxhall Cross. Channel 4 News’s website has this to say:

The police who found the corpse of MI6 employee Gareth Williams described his death as a “neat job”, suggesting professionals may have been involved rather than the more lurid speculation that his death was linked to a sex game, Channel 4 News learns.

The evidence obtained by Channel 4 News from the day the MI6 employee was found dead in his central London flat suggests that reports that he was secretly gay or owed bondage equipment are untrue. The evidence also suggests his mobile phone sim cards were not arranged in a “ritualistic” way and there were no numbers for male escort agencies on them.

This, Channel 4 News understands, is what the police know about the death of the MI6 code breaker, contrary to the speculation which has been in other reports which is apparently based on MI6 briefings.

Last night’s C4 News report below…