More competition for Global Dashboard (and that’s a good thing)

David Bosco, author of a good book about the Security Council, has launched a new blog for Foreign Policy called The Multilateralist.  Here’s his mission statement:

Coverage of most international organizations is episodic. The media world turns to the Security Council, the International Monetary Fund, or the International Criminal Court at key moments and then, for the most part, turns away. This blog aims to keep a sustained focus on these complex institutions, which are an increasingly important part of the diplomatic landscape.

Sometimes I think that is out to lure all you multilat-obsessed readers away from Global Dashboard, having already given us Colum Lynch’s excellent Turtle Bay blog on the UN and signed up James Traub as a weekly columnist (we discourteously failed to mention Jim’s recent scathing assault on Ban Ki-moon).

But the more bloggers trying to keep up a focus on international cooperation, the better, I say.  At least we’re not the only lunatics in the asylum…