Test your social media IQ

From Sparxoo, this:

1. Do you have a profile on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook?
2. Do you have more than 300 friends on Facebook?
3. Do you know what a twestival is?
4. Do you have so many Facebook friends, that you’ve actually started to de-friend people?
5. Have you tried other social networks such as Friendster, Myspace, or more niche communities?
6. Do you have a Facebook app on your phone?
7. Do you know who Mark Zuckerberg is?
8. Do you update your Facebook status at least once every 24 hours?
9. Have you heard of FourSquare?
10. Have you read Trust Agents or the New Influencer?
11. Do more people follow you than you follow on Twitter?
12. Do you have a “persona” (i.e. use the same pseudonym across all social platforms)?
13. Are you on more than 15 Twitter lists?
14. Do your friends like four out of five of your Facebook status updates?
15. Are you such a social media maven you need a manager like HooteSuite?
16. Do you have more than 5 Twitter lists?
17. Do you find out about valuable articles through Twitter?
18. Do you participate in Twitter games, like #followfriday?
19. Do your followers retweet your tweets?
20. Do you have more than 250 connections on LinkedIn?

Now count up all the times you answered yes and let’s see how you did:

18-20 — Social Maniac
14-17 — Social Climber
8-13 — Social Wannabe
Less than 7 — Newbie