Daily Mail poll #fail (updated)

The Daily Mail, bastion of British bitterness, is frothing at the mouth at plans to allow travellers (or as columnist Richard Littlejohn prefers, “raggle-taggle Romany gipsies… Irish tinkers, itinerant scrap-metal merchants, scruffy hippies…[and] dubious waifs and strays from Eastern Europe doing a bit of freelance begging”) preferential access to health care.

Not wanting them to be left out, it put up a poll to allow its readers to stick the boot in too. Unfortunately, results don’t seem to be turning out the right way. I wonder how long it’ll take before the Mail’s Supreme Leader – editor, Paul Dacre – steps in to sort things out. I feel a fix coming on…

Daiily Mail - Gypsies Jump the Queue

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Update: And the fix is in – seems like Supreme Leader Paul Dacre has cracked. Three different computers (two of which have not been used to vote from) show the poll has now been blocked…

Daily Mail blocks its own poll