Leaders chill out

Alex Barker at the FT’s Westminster blog:

This is my first dispatch from the G20 media hangar, which has so far proved to be full of journalists and free of information. But Britain’s intrepid press pack have succeeded in digging up one important story: the “minty green” colour of the “lounge area”.

We’re told that the world’s leaders will be plotting the course for economic recovery from a modern, functional, informal “break out zone”. There are comfortable chairs and tables, but “no bean bags”, according to one well informed source.

Leaders left breakfast a short while ago (the menu remains top secret) and are now “milling around”, chewing the fat and bargaining over the world’s future. Here’s to hoping the coffee is better than it is in the press area.

Actually, an informal ‘break out zone’ is probably a good idea.  Watching the TV feed of the formal summit room a couple of minutes ago, I couldn’t help wondering how any kind of shared awareness could emerge from such stilted surroundings…