Global Dashboard needs your help

White Band Action, the website of the Global Call to Action against Poverty, has some goodies to dish out: it’s got 50 places for bloggers at the G20 London Summit, and 20 of them are going to be handed out on the basis of readers’ nominations.

Now, I’m prepared to admit that recent posts of ours may not have been entirely aligned with Britain’s NGO community: David’s been cruelly taunting climate NGOs for being missing in action as Copenhagen beckons, Richard is running a recruitment drive for Nepal’s Maoist rebels, and I’ve been trashing 0.7 and suggesting that the pre-G20 Put People First march is an exercise in utter pointlessness (no, they still don’t have a policy platform).

But on the plus side, as regular readers will know, we’re all incorrigible summit nerds here at Global Dashboard – so we can promise you reams of top notch coverage if you nominate us for a place at the summit.  And if you’re a fellow blogger: sure we’re open to a bit of vote-trading! This is the EU, after all; there are certain standards to observe…