Climate change – the President elect speaks

Obama has made his first speech on climate, via video to US governors…

He had this message for those who will shortly be heading to Poznan:

Let me also say a special word to the delegates from around the world who will gather in Poland next month: your work is vital to the planet. While I won’t be President at the time of your meeting and while the United States has only one President at a time, I’ve asked Members of Congress who are attending the conference as observers to report back to me on what they learn there. Once I take office, you can be sure that the United States will once again engage vigorously in these negotiations and help lead the world toward a new era of global cooperation on climate change. Now’s the time to confront this challenge once and for all. Delay is no longer an option, Denial is no longer an acceptable response. The stakes are too high; the consequences too serious.