Social Media in Action: Wikipedia and 7/7

Readers of this blog will be familiar with our enthusiasm for Web 2.0 especially when used in times of emergency. Following the London bombings a wikipedia page was created at 09:18, twenty eight minutes after the first explosion. Since then the wikipedia page has been updated on a regular basis – the last entry was made on the 11th October 2008.

People around the globe contribute to the article around the clock – the first 24 hours of page editing is captured in the following neat video.

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About Charlie Edwards

Charlie Edwards is Director of National Security and Resilience Studies at the Royal United Services Institute. Prior to RUSI he was a Research Leader at the RAND Corporation focusing on Defence and Security where he conducted research and analysis on a broad range of subject areas including: the evaluation and implementation of counter-violent extremism programmes in Europe and Africa, UK cyber strategy, European emergency management, and the role of the internet in the process of radicalisation. He has undertaken fieldwork in Iraq, Somalia, and the wider Horn of Africa region.