Gore and IPCC share peace prize…

A UN body and a US Democrat – it’s the reddest of red rags for the American right…

Update: Breaking:

Although former Vice President Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize this week for his work as a global-warming performance artist, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled early today that President George Bush would receive the gold medal, the diploma and the $750,000.

Update II: Jonas Kyratzes:

Seriously, people. There are certainly more disgusting figures than Gore – Bush, Kerry, Blair, etc. But just because he’s occasionally put forth an idea which isn’t catastrophically idiotic (Bush), appallingly opportunistic (Kerry) or just butt-crawlingly evil (Blair), doesn’t mean he should be elevated to being the god of the Vaguely Progressive There’s Something Wrong With The World But We Refuse To Use Our Brains To Analyze It movement.

Pajamas Media has a huge round-up, which is mostly in the same vein.

It’s the Gore-problem in a nutshell. He’s persuaded a lot of Americans to take climate seriously, but left others even more entrenched in their belief that it’s a ‘vast left-wing plot‘.

Update III: Time to consult the Goracle

Update IV: Rush Limbaugh: Gore should hand the award over to “genuine agents of peace: General Petraeus, the U.S. military, and its commander-in-chief [George Bush].

Iain Murray has an especially helpful suggestion: “Who Else Should Al Gore Share the Prize With? How about that well known peace campaigner Osama Bin Laden, who implicitly endorsed Gore’s stance – and that of the Nobel committee – in his September rant from the cave.”

Melanie Phillips: “Awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to Gore— along with the wretched Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change whose own untruths would fill a book — perfectly symbolises a western world that has lost its reason and its capacity to tell truth from lies.”

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld: He’s killing the planet through hypocrisy and blame. If you disagree with him, you’re a heretic and if you agree with him, you’re doomed.