Training programs a la Blackwater

Blackwater doesn’t only provide protection for US State Dept staff in Iraq and elsewhere: they also run numerous training programs in VIP protection and other such esoteric skills. Here’s a helpful summary of how many rounds of ammunition you should bring with you if you’re fortunate enough to be attending one of their courses.

  • Active Threat / Active Shooter – 750 rounds of pistol ammunition, 100 rounds birdshot or buckshot, 30 rounds rifled slug, 650 rounds of carbine ammunition
  • High Risk Warrant / Hostage – 500 rounds of primary weapon ammo, 300 rounds of secondary weapon ammo. If you are only going to bring a pistol, bring 800 rounds of ammo
  • Tactical Medic – 1500 rounds pistol ammunition
  • Advanced Executive Protection – 1,500 rounds of pistol ammunition, 200 rounds 12 gauge bird shot, 50 rounds 12 gauge 00 buckshot
  • High Risk Security Operations – 1300 rounds of pistol ammunition, 1300 rounds of carbine ammunition

Blackwater security operatives? Trigger happy? What in the world gave you that idea?